Standley Chasm

  • March 15, 2019
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  • Author: N&J Maguire

Standley Chasm (Angkerle Atwatye) is an inspiration regardless of either the weather or the time of the day, but the Chasm is at its most dramatic an hour either side of noon on a sunny day. Then the sheer walls glow from reflected sunlight to create a breath-taking display of stark form and rich colour.

An entirely different experience is provided along the walking track that links the carpark to the Chasm. This follows a creek where spring-fed pools are attracting a great variety of wildlife and particularly bird life.

Thanks to water, the gully floor is lush that range from delicate ferns to tall gum trees; many species such as the cycad palm, have survived here in the shadow of the arid hills from a long-gone wetter age.

Although the track is rough in parts, most active visitors will find the 20-minute one-way walk to be quite easy. However, the conditions require that sensible walking shoes be worn.

Standley Chasm is located in a private flora and fauna reserve owned by the Iwupataka Land Trust and is operated by Aboriginal family members that are direct descendants from Aboriginal people that have lived in this area for thousands of years. They operate the café as a profitable concern with no funding and as a training facility for their children.

Whether you require a full meal or an ice-cream their friendly local staff will give you great service and a welcome to their country.

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