• September 13, 2018
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  • Author: Jess Maguire

Hook-A-Barra at Wonga Beach in the Daintree is the place to try your hand at landing a Barramundi or Mangrove Jack, there’s even the chance to catch a stunning albino specimen.


Hook-a-Barra is the recreational side of Daintree Saltwater Barramundi Fish Farms, who have been producing Australia’s best hand-reared Barramundi for over a decade.


The multi-species Hook-A-Barra fishing pond is filled with the best salt water sourced from the Daintree River and stocked with over 1,500 Barramundi (including albinos) and Mangrove Jack. Barramundi range from 1-12kg, 50cm to 1m.


This is sustainable fishing at its best! Without depleting Australia’s limited wild stock, practice your lure and land techniques at Hook-A-Barra.


These are farmed Barramundi, but anglers won’t be disappointed with their fight. They are wild creatures and will behave the same way as those living in coastal rivers. The fish are not trained to jump on your hook. Your fishing technique and patience is very important.


For beginners, guidance is provided by experienced staff. The experienced anglers (who may be skeptical about ‘fishing in a pond’), this is your chance to practice your Barramundi catch and land techniques and try new lures and equipment. Please note for your safety and ours, there are no treble hooks allowed at Hook-A-Barra, we use single, barb hooks.


Contact Details

Address Lot 3 Vixes Road, Wonga Beach
Phone (07) 4098 7117
Social Media www.facebook.com/hookabarra
Website www.hookabarra.com
Email info@hookabarra.com