Central Australia

Central Australia is a vast and unique region, stretching all the way from Elliott in the north,
right down to the South Australian border. Unique and iconic places to visit include Karlu
Karlu (Devils Marbles) Uluru Kata-Tjuta, West MacDonnell Ranges and Watarrka (Kings
Canyon). All of these wondrous places truly make this region the heart, the soul, and the
centre of Australia.

Alice Springs
A true outback town in the middle of Australia. Its diversity is surprising, with world-class art
galleries, amazing natural attractions, iconic events, solar city initiative, sports and social
clubs and a local community which is known for its innovation and spirit. Alice Springs is
a town where many people intend to stay, only for a short while, but somehow find it impossible to leave.

MacDonnell Ranges

The Ranges stretch over 640 kilometres running east-west through Alice Springs. They provide a picturesque backdrop to the town, lighting up each sunrise and sunset with a display of fiery reds, sunburnt oranges and deep purples.

Curtin Springs
Curtin Springs is a perfect base from which to visit the Ayers Rock and Kings Canyon areas. You can find Curtin Springs on the Lasseter highway which is 160 kilometres west of Erldunda, 100 kilometres east of Uluru. A very special part of Central Australia, owned by a family who have made this remote place their home. As the first Wayside Inn in the region, Curtin Springs allows visitors to glimpse the complexity of the region.

Uluru/Ayer’s Rock
One of Australia’s most iconic symbols of the outback environment is World Heritage-listed
Uluru. Right in the heart of Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park in Australia’s Red Centre, Uluru
is a place that speaks of timeless folklore, rich indigenous culture and great spirituality.
Take a journey into Australia’s physical and spiritual heart. Better experienced than described, you cannot miss seeing the sun rise and set on the rock.

Kings Canyon
Equally as fascinating as Uluru – Kings Canyon in Watarrka National Park is rapidly gaining popularity as an essential element of a holiday in the Centre. Sometimes referred to as Australia’s Grand Canyon. A breathtaking walk around the rim of the canyon allows you to gaze down in awe at the sandstone chasm plunging 270 metres to the canyon floor. Venture down into the depths of the chasm, and you’ll discover luxuriant cycads around the permanent waterhole in the exotic Garden of Eden, a very aptly named oasis in the desert.