Arlpwe Art and Culture Centre

  • March 14, 2019
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  • Author: N&J Maguire

The Arlpwe Art & Culture Centre (pronounced Arlboe) was officially opened on 27th June 2008 in Ali Curung, Northern Territory, Australia.

The traditional owners of this land belong to Katetye language group, with Allawara, Warlpiri and Warramungu being the three other language groups that form the community.

The Arlpwe Art and Culture Centre’s members feel strongly that being able to paint and make traditional artefacts help the community to keep important elements of their native culture alive for future generations.

Many local artists use the Arlpwe Art & Culture Centre, and these include Ali Curung men who have developed a strong reputation for fine authentic Aboriginal artefacts, paintings and artworks. Many of the Artists create Central Desert style paintings depicting ceremonial body designs and traditional dot painting landscapes.

Visitors to the gallery also have opportunities to meet the artists and watch them work thanks to Arlpwe’s “Artists in Residence” Initiative.

The Gallery also provides an excellent facility in which to train Community Members in retail operations and provide experience while employing local Indigenous community members in numerous positions and across many facets of the operation.

It is open to the public from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and visitors are actively encouraged to turn off the Stuart Highway and travel to Ali Curung to view the artworks, witness Artists in Residence at work and be a part of the culture.

Contact Details

Address PMB 188 Ali Curung
Phone (08) 8964 1640
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